Danny Arroyo in The Stolen Valley

Danny Arroyo
Danny Arroyo is an actor/writer/producer/director with a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production and over 80 film/TV/commercial credits. He has won three "Best Actor" awards at various film festivals and loves meditation (has not missed a day in 5+ years), reading books (especially comic books), working out, writing (screenplays or journals), playing fantasy football, video games, and seeing classic Hollywood films on the big screen (when there is no pandemic).

Arroyo plays Rico Fisher, the lead character in the true life story film The Last Smile (2016), for which Arroyo won Best Actor at the Silicon Valley Film Festival. He starred and produced three feature films, a cop drama thriller titled Nobody's Angel (2021) (2021), the romantic comedy Switched at Love (2020) (2021), and the teen drama titled Adolescents of Chymera (2020) (2021). Arroyo wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the comedy short film Bite! (2018) (2018), winner of 10 film festival awards (4 "Best Comedy" awards). It is based on a true story of when his home was invaded by bed bugs. Arroyo is currently filming the TV show, THE DETECTIVE, and the feature film, BURN RIDER.

Arroyo is a series regular on the TV series Sangre Negra (2016) aka BLACK BLOOD (2021) for Tubi TV, for which he won the "Best Actor" award at the Vive Latino America Awards Show for playing Detective Christian Santos. SANGRE NEGRA also stars veteran actors Erik Estrada and Eric Roberts. The show premieres December 2020.

Arroyo is in development for the true story feature film titled OUT OF CUBA, the romantic comedy titled LONELY SATURDAY NIGHT SYNDROME, the suspense mini series titled Socio, and the horror/drama TV show titled SANGRE: THE COLOR OF DYING, based on the hit book by Carlos Colon.

Danny Arroyo is a member of the Television Academy (Emmys). Being an advocate of Latinos in entertainment, Arroyo produced, wrote and hosted the successful live event for the TV Academy titled, "HOLA: THE PHENOMENAL GROWTH OF LATINO TV."